Organiser: AUDA-NEPAD

Topic: Strengthening engagement with Member States on TVSD

Title: Exploring modalities of working together better with Member States to take forward the TVSD agenda for the continent

Date: Wednesday, 19th October 2022

Time: 13:45 PM – 15:15 PM Mauritius time (GMT+4)

Venue: Le Méridien Île Maurice

Storyline:  The work of the AU CESA TVET Cluster (under the coordination of AUDA-NEPAD) and that of ADEA's Inter-Country Quality Node on Technical and Vocational Skills Development (ICQN-TVSD) is aimed at working with and supporting African Member States and Regional Economic Communities to advance Africa's agenda on TVSD. The 2022 Triennale offers an opportunity to enrich the collective learning and exchange on the transformation of the TVET sector and the education space as a whole. In the spirit of the Triennale, especially the sub-theme on TVSD, and considering the need to further strengthen the commitment of the Cluster and the ICQN to work together in supporting the Member States and RECs, this side event will highlight the TVET Cluster's relevance and activity along the identified TVSD main sub-topics. It will also reflect on the synthesis of Member State thematic prioritization and success of TVET transformation, and how to showcase the work of the TVET Cluster and build collaboration with the ICQN to support efforts to advance such transformation. 


  1. Bring together the members of the AU/CESA TVET Cluster and ADEA ICQN on TVSD.
  2. Explore areas in which the Cluster and the ICQN could collaborate guided by the Triennale sub-theme on /TVSD and earlier commitments to strengthen the TVET research agenda and outreach to Member States.
  3. Receive inputs and reflections from Member States and forge better alignment of the Cluster’s collaboration with ADEA and within the wider networks of the Cluster and the ICQN.

Expected outcomes

  1. Concretely craft strategic priorities for collaboration between the AU/CESA TVET Cluster and ADEA ICQN on TVSD in the coming years. 
  2. Outcomes to align to Cluster-ADEA dashboard of expected deliverables, to form 2024 Joint Action Plan.

Moderator: Nicholas Ouma, Senior Youth Advisor, Education, Science, Technology & Innovation Department, African Union Commission 


  • Mr. Yamal Matabudul, Chief Executive Officer, Polytechnique Mauritius
  • Unami Dube, Team Lead - Skills and Employment For Youth, AUDA-NEPAD

World café format with short ‘success story’ presentations: 

  • Mr. Amara Kamate, Coordinator, ADEA ICQN on TVSD
  • Ms. Jacinta Akatsa, Director, (CEMASTEA): The Power of School-Based Teacher Support System in Enhancing Classroom Practices in STEM Education
  • Mr. Alfie Hamid, Chair of the TVET Cluster & Head of Partnerships, Cisco
  • Head of TVET Institution, African country (TBC)
  • Country representative (TBC)