Organiser: BMZ/GIZ

Topic: TVSD for Jobs of the Future

Title:  Rethinking TVSD for Africa’s Jobs of the Future

Date: Wednesday, 19th October 2022

Time: 12:00 PM – 13:30 PM Mauritius time (GMT+4)

Venue: Le Méridien Île Maurice

Storyline: This session will cover the topics of TVSD for green jobs and digital jobs as well as the digitalisation of TVSD. The transition to an environmentally sustainable and low-carbon economy, termed Green Economy, will generate new jobs, but will also cause jobs losses and alter the skill requirements of many jobs. This will have major implications for future Technical and Vocational Skills Development (TVSD) systems as they need to provide the existing and future workforce with the required skills to find decent employment in the emerging Green Economy. Africa’s young population is the biggest resource for the continent. If the right course is set, a skilled workforce can become Africa’s key competitive advantage in the global economy and can spur social and economic development. Education systems and TVSD in particular can play a crucial role in increasing employability and thus fostering social and economic development in Africa. If TVSD is to succeed as a supplier of a skilled African workforce, TVSD systems must be able to equip a large cohort of young people with relevant skills for labour markets of the future undergoing structural changes and at the same time reskill those whose jobs might become obsolete due to various factors such as digitalization and Industrial Revolution 4.0. Providing teachers and trainers with adequate professional development opportunities has been an immense ongoing quantitative and qualitative crisis, which has become even more obvious since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This session will address challenges in TVSD regarding digitalisation and a Just Transition to a Green Economy. It will look at best practices and lessons learned to discuss recommendations of actions and innovative solutions. 


  1. Discuss innovative approaches to promote TVSD for a Just Transition to a digital/ digitalised and green economy. 
  2. Exchange on how the influence of digitalisation in general translates into changing TVSD offers and roles.
  3. Discuss experiences on how the relevance of and access to TVSD can be improved through new approaches to skills development. Demonstrate innovative impulses be systematically integrated as part of reform processes.
  4. Identify lessons learned, recommendations of actions and the role of TVSD in response to labour market opportunities and challenges regarding digitalisation and a Just Transition to a Green Economy.

Expected outcomes

  1. Challenges in TVSD regarding digitalisation and a Just Transition to a Green Economy identified.
  2. Best practices and lessons learned shared, and recommendations of actions and innovative solutions proffered.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mr. David Prah, Deputy Director General, TVET Service, Ghana (focus: Green TVET)
  • Mr. Matlhogonolo Mokakapadi, Director of Department of Teacher Education and Technical Education (DTT&TE), Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MESD), Botswana

Moderator: Hendrina Doroba, Division Manager – Education and Skills Department, African Development Bank

Rapporteur: Grace Macharia, Analyst, Open Development & Education (OpenDevEd)


  • Birte Ifang, Senior Policy Officer, BMZ (virtually)
  • Minister/Country representative (tbc) 
  • Jeanette Burmester, Project Manager, SP TVET, GIZ
  • Local TVET experts (virtually):
    • Lisa Hofheinz, Advisor, PREEEP, GIZ, Uganda
    • Stephen Okeny, Project Manager, Bodawerk, Uganda
  • Léna Krichewsky-Wegener, (iit Berlin) (virtually)
  • Lukas Brück, GFA Consulting Group (virtually)
  • Marina Janßen, advisor, Strengthening employment-relevant TVET II, GIZ Botswana
  • Mr. Serwalo Lesolame, Chief Technical Education Officer, Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MESD), Botswana
  • Fabiola Frick, Advisor, ‘Future of Work’, GIZ
  • Annabell Kreuzer (GIZ/DSAA) (virtually)