About the Exhibition

ADEA Biennale/Triennale meetings usually hold exhibitions of publications documents and new materials in parallel with the meetings and discussions. These demonstrations have proven to be a very fruitful and exiting way of dialoguing and exchanging information between all levels of participants.

ADEA is therefore proposing for the forthcoming Triennale meetings in February 2012, to maximize the success of dissemination of information and knowledge on innovative policies and practices and share with all participants’ demonstrations of new pedagogies and technologies for innovative teaching and learning.

The exhibition will take place at the hall of the Conference Center, the Ouaga 2000 International Conference Centre in Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO, and includes information area on the programs and activities of:

  • Host Country;
  • ADEA, its working groups and its ICQN (Inter-Country Quality Nodes);
  • ADEA Steering Committee Members Ministries, Agencies and Organizations.