Documents of the Triennale

Synthesis documents
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0.01 General Synthesis: Critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for accelerated and sustainable development in Africa
By Mamadou Ndoye, Richard Walther
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0.02 Introduction to key issues and findings of the ADEA 2012 Triennale: A reader’s digest
By ADEA Secretariat
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0.1.1 Sub-theme 1: Common core skills for lifelong learning and sustainable development in Africa
By Wim Hoppers, Amina Yekhlef
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0.1.2 Sub-theme 2: Lifelong technical and vocational skills development for sustainable socioeconomic growth in Africa
By George Afeti, Ayélé Léa Adubra
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0.1.3 Sub-theme 3: Lifelong acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge and skills for Africa’s sustainable development in a globalized world
By Kabiru Kinyanjui, Khadija Khoudari
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Sub-theme 1 documents
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1.1.01 Non-formal education and training practices for young people and adolescents in Burkina Faso: lessons learned about core skills development and preparation for vocational training
By Burkina Faso Team
Document 1.1.01 FR Abstract EN
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1.1.02 Evaluation of the Implementation of the Fight Against Corruption Through School Project in Cameroon - PHASE 2 (FACTS II)
By Tamo, Kom Dorothée, Simo Peumo Francis, Bedoume Justin, Djeumegni Marcelline, Mamy Raboanarijaona, Zeh Nko’o Rémy, Meli Thomas, Onana Maurice, Nzesseu L Léopold, Nanda Lysette
Document 1.1.02 EN Abstract EN
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1.1.03 Towards Inclusive and Equitable Basic Education System: Kenya’s experience
By Evangeline Njoka, Andrew Riechi, Charles Obiero, Everlyn Kemunto, Daniel Muraya, Joel Ongoto, Donvan Amenya
Document 1.1.03 EN Abstract EN
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1.1.04 Etude relative aux réformes en cours des systèmes nationaux d’éducation et/ou de formation : les reformes curriculaires en Education : l’expérience malienne
By Bonaventure Maïga, Youssouf Konandji, Bakary Samaké
Document 1.1.04 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.1.05 Reaching out to the Educationally Disadvantaged Learner in Africa, with Particular Reference to the Nigerian Case
By Ibrahima Bah-Lalya, Gidado Tahir, Charles Onocha, Kaviraj Sukon
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1.3.01 Original training approaches that encourage the autonomy of rural communities and sustainable development
By Gifty Guiella Narh, Thérèse Touré, Gérard Adama Kaboré, Marie-Thérèse Sautebin
Document 1.3.01 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.02 Science Education for Developing Core Skills Necessary for Scientific and Technological Development - Experiences of Japan and Africa
By Atsushi Matachi
Document 1.3.02 EN Abstract EN
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1.3.03 Transnational Study on Core Social Competencies - a Sustainable Contribution to Quality in Education and Social Cohesion in Society
By Annette Scheunpflug, Mark Wenz Ma, Katrin Kohlbecher, Claude-Ernest Njoya, François Rwambonera
Document 1.3.03 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.04 Recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning, and NQFs: critical levers for lifelong learning and sustainable skills development - Comparative analysis of six African countries
By Shirley Steenekamp, Madhu Singh
Document 1.3.04 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.05 Study on Key Issues and Policy Considerations in Promoting Lifelong Learning in Selected African Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda and Tanzania
By Shirley Walters, Jin Yang, Peter Roslander
Document 1.3.05 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.06 Gender violence in schools as a factor in non-­attendance at school in French-­speaking Sub-­Saharan Africa
By Marie Devers, Paul Elise Henry, Elisabeth Hofmann, Halim Benabdallah
Document 1.3.06 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.07 Generic Work‐Related Skills in Education for a Sustainable Development: a Synthesis of UNESCO-­UNEVOC and other Publications
By Teeluck Bhuwanee
Document 1.3.07 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.08 Status of BEAP Implementation: Responding to the Kigali Call for Action – case studies from 3 countries
By Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta, Hassana Alidou, Saidou Sireh Jallow, Fatoumata Marega
Document 1.3.08 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.3.09 Teacher Professional Development with an Education for Sustainable Development Focus in South Africa: Development of a Network, Curriculum Framework and Resources for Teacher Education
By Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Waheeda Cavella, Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi, Cheryl le Roux, Soul Shava, Rob O’Donoghue, Diane Wilmot, Charles Chikunda, Ingrid Schudel, Thomas Mathiba, Pandelani Dughudza, Eureta Rosenberg, Renee Le Roux, Liz Robson, Vivian Malema, Jim Taylor, Laura Conde, Anisa Kahn, Glenda Raven, Presha Ramsurup, Sibongile Mokoena, Janet Snow, Maria Moate, Edgar Neluvhalani, Caleb Mandikonza, Colleen Vogel
Document 1.3.09 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
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1.4.01 Care and Support for Teaching and Learning: a SADC response for ensuring the education rights of vulnerable children and youth are realized
By Lynn Van Der Elst, Lomthandazo Mavimbela, Manasa Dzirikure, Mhle Mthimkhulu, Maureen King, Michael Main, Eva Schiermeyer
Document 1.4.01 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.02 Common core skills for lifelong learning. Which capacities, knowledge and skills must be acquired, and how? Contribution from the perspective of the Pedagogy of the Text
By António Faundez, Edivanda Mugrabi, Fabienne Lagier, Maxime Adjanohoun, Blaise Djhouessi, Rufine Sama Yeko, Alassane Dango, Maria Kéré, Octavio Lopes Teixeira, Florenço Varela, Gisela Clavijo M., Edier Henao H., Antonio Sanchez, Ibrahim Farmo, Soumana Hassane, Boukari Ousseini, Rabi Saidou
Document 1.4.02 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.03 Shaping basic education system to respond to the national vision for sustainable development in Ghana
By Joshua J. K. Baku, Isaac K. Asiegbor, Felicia Boakyi-Yiadom
Document 1.4.03 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.04 Application of ICT by Basic level Teachers and Learners to the Development of Core Skills for Lifelong Learning: A Transnational Study in Ghana and Mali
By Joshua J. K. Baku, B. M. Guido, Dzigbordi Ama Banini
Document 1.4.04 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.05 Are our children learning? Assessment of learning outcomes among children in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda
By Suleman Sumra, John Mugo
Document 1.4.05 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.06 Systemic Approach to Environmental Literacy: Towards a sustainable Africa
By Sushita Gokool-Ramdoo, Anwar Ramjaun, Ravhee Bholah
Document 1.4.06 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.4.07 Analysis of cost/benefits of the Pedagogy of Text education program: the experience of Monde des Enfants from Tahoua in Niger
By Soumana Hassane, Amadou Wade Diagne
Document 1.4.07 FR Abstract FR
Working groups
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1.5.02 Lessons learnt from testing, in certain African countries, the Strategic Policy Framework for Non-­Formal Education as part of a holistic, integrated and diversified approach to lifelong learning
By Amadou Wade Diagne
Document 1.5.02 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.03 The Lancet Series on Early Childhood Development (2007, 2011): What do we know and what is the relevance for Africa?
By Engle P. L., Fernald L., Walker S., Wachs T., Black M., McGregor S.
Document 1.5.03 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.04 Early grade literacy in African classrooms: Lessons learned and future directions
By Barbara Trudell, Amy Jo Dowd, Benjamin Piper, Carole Bloch
Document 1.5.04 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.05 Study on a viable alternative approach to educating young people from nomadic/pastoralist communities in self-empowerment: the case of Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Mauritania and Kenya
By Boubakar Barry, Amadou Sidibe, Hassane Baka, Abdourahmane Ag El Moctar, Ousmane Sow, John Kabutha Mugo, Abdu Umar Ardo, Nicole Gantenbein
Document 1.5.05 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.06 Arguments in favor of education and training systems specifically adapted to the way of life and interests of pastoral and nomadic populations
By Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Document 1.5.06 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.07 A Case Study of Learning Materials Used to Deliver Knowledge and Skills– or Competency–Based Curricula (in Tanzania)
By Herme J. Mosha
Document 1.5.07 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.08 Education in Reconstruction: Promising Practices and Challenges in Four Post‐Crisis Countries
By Angela Arnott, ADEA Working Group on Education Management and Policy Support
Document 1.5.08 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.09 Qur’anic Schooling and Education for Sustainable Development in Africa: the case of Kenya
By Ministry of Education, Kenya National Commission for UNESCO, Study National Steering Committee, ADEA Working Group on Education Management and Policy Support
Document 1.5.09 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR
1.5.10 School readiness and transition in The Gambia
By Musa Sowe, Yumiko Yokozeki, Vanya Berrouet, Mariavittoria Ballotta, Jenieri Sagnia, Sven Coppens, Rokhaya Fall Diawara
Document 1.5.10 EN
Document 1.5.10 FR
Abstract EN
Sub-theme 2 documents
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2.1.01 Technical and vocational education and training in Burundi: Towards a new participative management structure and a new system of co-­‐financing
By Pascal Nshimirimana
Document 2.1.01 FR Abstract EN
Abstract FR
Sub-theme 3 documents
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3.1.01 Impact of Recent Reforms in Science and Technology in Kenya: the case of Public Research Funding
By James Kiburi, David Ngigi, Mwangi Githiru
Document 3.1.01 EN Abstract EN
Abstract FR